Frequently Asked Questions

FFL Transfers

As a convenience to the customer we offer FFL transfer for a small flat fee, WE DO NOT charge a percentage of what the gun is worth.

If you are looking at a new firearm online, give us a call at 985-893-2772 and see if we can match their price first. We will need to email or fax a copy of our FFL to the dealer that you are purchasing the firearm from.

You may email us at armsmerchant985@gmail.com with the sellers email address along with your information and any other information the seller may need and we will be more than happy to forward our FFL to them.

If they are not a dealer they can look up our FFL at https://www.atfonline.gov/fflezcheck/ and can use that for their records. The first 3 numbers of our FFL is 5-72 and the last 5 numbers are 37342.

We also accept firearms from non FFL dealers. But we do need a CLEAR PHOTO COPY OF THEIR DRIVERS LICENSE OR ID for our records. We cannot accept a firearm without a copy of the Dealers FFL or the individual Driver’s License.
When they ship the gun to us, we will need the following information included with the firearm.

Your Full Name & Phone Number so that we know who it is for and that we can call you when it arrives.

If you get a tracking number with your purchase and you see that it has been delivered to us, please don’t rush right over to pick up your firearm. Please wait for our phone call as we have to unpack the firearm and take care of the paperwork first before you can pick it up. We try hard to get this process done as quickly as we can, but sometimes it takes us a few hours because we might have had a big shipment come in that day or we might have a store full of people.


Class 3 and NFA Firearms and Devices

Q. Do I need a license to own a Class III weapon or device?

A. The ATF does not require you to have a license to own a Class III weapon, there is however a $200 transfer tax to be paid on machine guns, suppressors, short barreled rifles and short barreled shotguns, as well as a $5 tax on AOWs (Any Other Weapons). You will need to fill out and submit Form 4 to the ATF, we will assist you in that process.

Q. Do I have to pay this tax annually?

A. No, this is a one time tax. It is a transfer tax, so it is only charged when the weapon is sold to another person.

Q. What are the requirements for owning a Class III weapon or device?

A. You have to live in a state where Class III weapons are legal (like Louisiana). You have to be a US citizen and at least 21 years of age. You must never have been convicted of a felony or domestic violence. You must never have been dishonorably discharged from the military. You must never have been adjudicated mentally defective.

Q. How long does it take to get any Class III item after I have paid for it?

A. Once you have completed your form 4 in duplicate and sent it to BATF BFA Branch, you will be waiting approximately 5-6 months for the paperwork to be approved once it has been received by the ATF. Once it is approved, ATF will send us back one of the approved Form 4’s, and we will call you to come pick up your paperwork and weapon. If you are purchasing a weapon from us and you live out of state, you can add 2 – 4 weeks for the weapon to be transferred to your in-state dealer.

Q. What is a CLEO Signature?

A. CLEO stands for Chief Law Enforcement Officer. When a Class III firearm transfers to an individual, he or she will need to obtain a signature from their CLEO. Your CLEO can be one of several different people, depending upon where you live.

Chief of Police of your city if you live in the city limits.
Sheriff of your parish of residence, Prosecuting Attorney, Circuit Court Judge, Head of the State Police, or anyone that one of the people above has given permission to act on their behalf.

Q. If your CLEO won’t sign off on your Class III device are there other options?

A. You may start an LLC, Subchapter S Corp, or a Revocable Trust. These do not require a CLEO signature, photos, or fingerprints. You simply send a copy of the articles of incorporation or trust along with the Form 4.

To start an LLC, go to www.sos.louisiana.gov and fill out the information to get your LLC started. You pay a one time fee of $75 to start your LLC and $25 per year thereafter to keep your LLC current. If you do not keep your LLC current you will be in violation of the law when it comes to possession of your Class III item.